Monday, April 7, 2014

What's the filofax love all about?

This post is to show you, why I think so many people including me, love Filofax planners.

You can visit Filofax web page to quick see at the pictures and get some insight of what I'm going to talk about here. 

A Flilofax is a Planner that so many people use to organize their life and get creative at the same time. Which I think is a great combination of activities. Organization and Creativity! What a good combo

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Now, you are may thinking, as I did at the beginning...

What's all the big deal about? It's just a simple planner and you can do all the decoration and stuff with any other, not that expensive planner right? Then...

What's the Filofax love all about? 

Yes, you can use any planner or even a binder to do the same you can do with a Filofax (and you should if you are not ready to get a Filofax yet) the thing is that...

♥︎ This is a very well positioned brand.
♥︎ The quality of the products are really good.
♥︎ They come in different cool colors an sizes.
♥︎ You can choose from a variety of refills and inserts.
♥︎ And I think is a brand status nerd community thing too. 

Besides here are some keywords that comes to mind when I think about a Filofax...

Organization: Ideal for those who like being organized.

Creativity: It's a good way to use as a creative outlet and getting crafty decorating you pages. Click here for lots of inspiration.

Stationery Lovers: It's not just about the filofax itself, but about all of the fun filofax goodies you have the excuse to use, like stickers, clips, punches, sticky notes, washi tape, stamps, color pens, markers, hight lighters, etc. 

Wallet: You can use some of them as wallet. I have been using my Personal Malden as a wallet for a couple of months now. And in case you don't want to use it as a wallet, it's cool to have compartments and little pockets to storage cute stationery and it looks so cute.

Useful: You can use it for organizing many things in your life, like write ideas down, diet/excersie journal, to do list, work, journal, finances, personal life, etc.

Versatile: Since it is like a binder, you can get rid of the things you don't want and replace them for new things. For example, at the end of the year you can replace the old refills for new ones. And you can add motivational things and stuff and even make your own dividers.

This is an example of the monthly pages. These are the first monthly pages I decorated last year:

The monthly inserts, are not regularly included with a Filofax. They are sold separately.

Practice Handwriting: Yes technology is good, and you can use digital notes and stuff, but I think it is a good thing to keep practicing our Handwriting too, so it doesn't get ugly and because is fun.

Inspiration: You can get inspired from your own decoration, since you add a little bit of your own world to each page. A very useful thing in a sometimes boring world. For me it's like a reminder that I carry with me to not forget about my inner world, the things that inspire me and makes me happy  photo 20130714_169010.gif


  1. Es genial!! Me gusta un montón. Y quizás me piense comprarme una para el año que viene. Ahora uso la agenda de la tablet jajaa

    1. Gracias por tu comentario ^^ Sí es muy lindo y creativo usar las agendas de ésta manera y también me parece genial la comunidad de personas que las usan para organizarse e inspirarse al mismo tiempo. Saludos!


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