Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Little Pony Toys Collectibles Haul

Watching at kawaii rooms on youtube and following people like this girl on Instagram affects me so much hehe. I'm becoming more interested in collecting kawaii things. Today I dreamed, wrote and drew about my dream craft magical room.

I wasn't planning to get all of these collectibles, I went crazy actually, the true is that I just wanted to go to see some monster high dolls and I promised to myself I was not going to get any until I get a job, but then I saw all of these MLP and kawaii stuff and I couldn't resist. I already had pinkie pie equestria doll in my wish list and I was going to buy it online anyway so...

Btw have you seen equestria girls movie? it is so cute... OMG why am I so childish? When I was at walmart buying all of these, I'm pretty sure people though I was a mom buying toys for my children, but they were for me. Anyway, I don't care, or at least I try to don't care about what people think! Life is stressful enough and I need to retreat into my fantasy world now and then. And I just love being true to myself doing what I like.

These are some pictures from walmart and some of the MLP stuff that I got.

Rainbow dash and pinkie pie.

Equestria girls pinkie pie, rarity, flutter shy & princess cadence
I just need to get apple jack. 

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