Saturday, March 22, 2014

Job Interview Outfit plus Shy Me

Two days ago I went to a cool job interview. It was hard and tired, not because of the interview itself but because of my nerves, at least I smiled a lot and I did the best that I could. But I think they could have noticed my shyness maybe.  photo o0020002011602344388.gif And that is not a good thing specially if the work is related with the fashion world.

I am not always like that, I can be outgoing and fun too, but it depends of the situation and the people I am with, and I hate that. It's not my fault to have a chameleon aura. I wish I could always shine with my own light, no matter people or events.

Anyway I know I don't have a choice, but being strong and keep working and moving on.

I have been working in my online business and I'm doing ok, but anyway I hope they call me.

This is what I was wearing for the interview.

Some of the places I would work for if they call me are so cool international boutiques like zara, pull&bear, bershka. and stuff like that. Anyway I'm not worry about it now. If they don't call me, it means the work wash't meant for me. 


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