Thursday, March 27, 2014

What is ZAKKA style?

Mis lectores en español pueden leer éste mismo artículo en Al Estilo de Asia

Hello. For those who doesn't know yet what ZAKKA style is, today I'll dedicate this post to explain in detail what is it, because I love this style and so far I haven't found (at least not in english or spanish) a detailed post on the Internet that explain this style as detailed as I'm gonna do it here.

First of all I'll tell you what this style is to me, based on what I have observed. It is a style of Japanese origin that covers: home decoration, cafes, shops, fashion and crafts. It is a unique, creative and natural style, and for me even with a touch of magic.

Regarding decor details that make this style are:

♥︎ Light colors on the walls, preferably white to give more light and create more space. 
♥︎ Accents and unique handmade touches, but not anything handmade, it should be very simple and natural stuff, later I will show you what I mean.
♥︎ Forest things decoration, like rabbits, mushrooms, pine nuts, deers, etc, in fact this style is very related to Mori Girl Style.
♥︎ Polka dots or plaid designs. 
♥︎ The predominant material in this type of decor is wood either light or dark. 
♥︎ The color palette is very natural, earth tones, brown, white, beige, gray, light green, etc.. 
♥︎ Other items that go well with this style are: recycled glass jars, which can be used to store buttons or another craft stuff, strawberries, owls, decorative tapes (washi tape), matryoshka dolls, vintage things, such as cameras , plants, baskets, kewpie dolls, eiffel tower, doily, etc.

This style is very popular in Japan of course, but it is popular too in other places in Asia.

Here are some examples of this cute style:


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Job Interview Outfit plus Shy Me

Two days ago I went to a cool job interview. It was hard and tired, not because of the interview itself but because of my nerves, at least I smiled a lot and I did the best that I could. But I think they could have noticed my shyness maybe.  photo o0020002011602344388.gif And that is not a good thing specially if the work is related with the fashion world.

I am not always like that, I can be outgoing and fun too, but it depends of the situation and the people I am with, and I hate that. It's not my fault to have a chameleon aura. I wish I could always shine with my own light, no matter people or events.

Anyway I know I don't have a choice, but being strong and keep working and moving on.

I have been working in my online business and I'm doing ok, but anyway I hope they call me.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Little Pony Toys Collectibles Haul

Watching at kawaii rooms on youtube and following people like this girl on Instagram affects me so much hehe. I'm becoming more interested in collecting kawaii things. Today I dreamed, wrote and drew about my dream craft magical room.

I wasn't planning to get all of these collectibles, I went crazy actually, the true is that I just wanted to go to see some monster high dolls and I promised to myself I was not going to get any until I get a job, but then I saw all of these MLP and kawaii stuff and I couldn't resist. I already had pinkie pie equestria doll in my wish list and I was going to buy it online anyway so...

Monday, March 17, 2014

Japanese Diary Hobonichi ほぼ日手帳 Journal

Hi guys. I need to make this kind of posts more often since I will bombard you with photos in this post. At least they are cute photos. This is an update of my hobonichi pages. I try to journal as much as possible everyday in my ほぼ日手帳  buy there are some days when I don't have time, will or energy to do it. I have planned to write a post about my creative process. Well, here are the pages I have created recently.

Hola Amigos. Necesito hacer este tipo de entradas más seguido ya que los voy a bombardear con fotos. Al menos son fotos lindas. Esto es una actualización de las páginas de mi hobonichi. Trato de escribir tanto como me es posible en mi ほぼ日手帳 pero algunos días no tengo tiempo, voluntad o energías para hacerlo. Estoy planeando escribir una entrada acerca de mi proceso creativo. Bueno, aquí están las páginas que he creado recientemente. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kawaii Stationery Haul from Japan

Hello! I want to share with you some of the goodies I received from Japan. All of them are from Global Rakuten. This is a really cool japanese site since you can order so many kind of different stuff, the page is English, and they ship worldwide. And no, I'm not getting paid for advertising this web site, I just like to share with you what I like.

Hola! Quiero compartir con ustedes algunas de las cositas que recibí de Japón. Todas ellas son de Global Rakuten. Este es un sitio japonés muy padre ya que puedes ordenar muchos tipos de productos, la página está en inglés y hacen envíos internacionales. Y no, no me están pagando por hacerle publicidad a éste sitio web, simplemente me gusta compartir con ustedes lo que me gusta. 

Adorable kawaii stuff. My Melody calculator, stickers and clips. 
Little Twin Stars deco tape and clips and a Mickey clip. 
Adorables cositas kawaii. Calculadora, calcomanias y clip de My Melody. 
Cinta decorativa y clips de Little Twin Stars y un clip de Mickey. 

And I was so happy with this pretty box. I finally got some MT japanese tape. 
Al fin tengo MT wahi tape de Japón. 

And look at them. Are't they pretty?
Y véanlas. Apoco no son lindas?

And more pretty MT and some frog stickers. 
Y más lindos MT y calcomanias de ranitas.

This one is actually from etsy from japanese2please
Este es de esty de japanese2please

Very cute packaging.
Muy lindo empaque.

These are the stuff inside the cute etsy package. 
Deco Rush, more MT, Moomin tape and Totoro stamps. 
Estas son las cositas del lindo paquete de etsy.
Decor Rush, más MT, Moomin tape y sellos de Totoro.