Friday, February 28, 2014

My New Kikki.k Planner Dreaming Journal

Hi guys. I see that gradually I have gained more followers here in my little blog. I know there are so many options of alike things to read out there, so thank you so much for picking me as one of your blog reading lists.

I want to share with you one of my newest planners. This one is a famous and loved by so many,  kikki.k large planner. I love everything about it, the size, the beautiful pastel mint color with little gold polka dots, and I even love how it smells. Sometimes just seeing at it could help to get myself motivated.

Oh, and I got a pen with pink hearts too

I wasn't sure of how I was going to use this beauty at the beginning. Since last year I had read this post from Rhiannon, she always has the coolest things to share. I read this while I was in New York, and I decided I wanted to try this too. When my kikki.k arrived like a month  ago it was the perfect time to start this and I decided to use it as My Dream Journal, which was also a great idea I read in Suzannah Conway blog as she uses an A5 filofax as her Dream Journal. 

A Dream Journal! What a great, cute, creative, awesome idea right? 

I printed out the pages (which are beautiful btw), two to a page, cut the paper in half and hold punch the pages, it took me a while to do this. Then I took advantage that I was home alone, and started with the Magic. I made some english breakfast tea, lighted a candle, spread some gemstones around the table, and started working on it. 

I really liked how my pages turned out. And it was very fun 
and inspired to work in this project. 

Now. I'm using my weekly pages in this planner to take note every night, 
of what I did everyday that gets me closer to my goals.  
And I really like how the first decorated pages turned out. I love how neon and pastels look together.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Filofax and hobonichi ほぼ日手帳 Inspiration

I've been so busy later, working in my little home based online business, but I'm also looking for a regular job since I want to take advantage that I have a major in International Marketing.

I already went for an interview and it is possible that I get a really nice job I'm interested in. I really hope I get it.

And something that keeps me motivated is creative journaling and filofaxing. I really struggle to last in day jobs, because my lack of focus, stress tolerance and because I haven't find something that I really like. I really really hope it works this time and I have a good feeling about it. I know it's gonna be issues, jobs are about solving problems after all right? But thanks God, I feel stronger and more confident than before.

It's not intelligence or preparation what it matters the most to succeed. I'm convinced because of experience, reading and observation that the most important thing in life it is to BELIVE IN YOURSELF, and that is what I'm focusing in now, more that anything else.

Ok. Enough motivational speaking. I want to share with you some of the little things that make me happy. Some of my hobonichi, filofax pages, and stuff. If you follow my instagram account this pictures are old for you.

He estado ocupada con mi negocio en linea, además de que estoy buscando trabajo ya que quiero sacar provecho de mi carrera en Mercadotecnia Internacional. 

Ayer aplique para un trabajo para el cual estoy muy interesada y realmente espero conseguir.

Algo muy simple pero que me da motivación, es escribir en diarios creativos estilo japoneses, coreanos, como hobonichi y planear en las lindas agendas inglesas filofax. Más adelante prometo un post para hablar de cada una de ellas. Ya que probablemente no sabes lo qué son, y es algo muy creativo y lindo que te puede interesar. Volviendo con el tema del trabajo, es algo con lo que realmente batallo por mi falta de concentración, y baja tolerancia al estrés, y porque no he encontrado algo que realmente me guste. Realmente espero que  esta vez funcione. Tengo un buen presentimiento. Se que va a haber dificultades, pero después de todo el trabajo en si es para resolver problemas y obtener los resultados deseables. Gracias a Dios últimamente me siento más fuerte y segura de mi misma.

Realmente no es la inteligencia o preparación, lo que más importa para triunfar. Estoy convencida por experiencia, lectura y observación, que lo más importante en la vida es CREER EN UNO MISMO, y es en lo que me estoy concentrando ahora más que nada.

Bueno. Suficiente motivación por el momento. Quiero compartir con ustedes algunas de las pequeñas cosas que me inspiran y motivan. Algunas de mis páginas de hobonichi y filofax. Si me sigues en instagram esto no será nuevo para ti. 

The first filofax pages of 2014