Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rochester 4 Niagara Falls New York

I went to niagara falls New York with my family on december 28. It was extremelly cold and windy specially by the falls. 
I got some pretty postcards at the souvenir store for my collection (I just started to collect postcards from the world) and some for penpals. 
We took a nice tour, and I took lots of beutiful pictures.
We had lunch at the Hard Rock cafe across the street from Niagara Falls. It is the biggest and nicest Hard Rock I've ever been. 
I got a pretty black t-shirt from Hard Rock Cafe. 
I had the classic burger and a root beer for lunch. 
We came back to Rochester the same day and went to starbucks to get hot chocolate. It was freezing. 
It was a nice family trip. 

The buildings behind the falls are from Canada 

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