Friday, January 17, 2014

Rochester 5 Winter Wonderland

This is a late post. But I want you to see the beautiful pictures. Oh. And I want to wish you a happy new year too. Have you made your resolution already?

Well. Right now I'm back home, we stayed one day long at airports and airplanes given the delayed flights because of the ice age usa is going through right now hehe. Did you know niagara falls got frozen? and that they haven't expirienced such a low temperatures in 118 years? but thanks God, the pilots and all the hard working people we made it home safely.

Well these pictures are form one of the last days we stayed in Rochester.  One day before we had a snow storm all day long, so when we went outside everything was so white and beautiful, whenever you looked at semed like a postcard picture. The pretty white houses covered with snow, some of them still adorned with red christmas ornaments and the branches and pines covered with snow, so pretty.

Ok. But let's the pictures speak by themselves. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rochester 4 Niagara Falls New York

I went to niagara falls New York with my family on december 28. It was extremelly cold and windy specially by the falls. 
I got some pretty postcards at the souvenir store for my collection (I just started to collect postcards from the world) and some for penpals. 
We took a nice tour, and I took lots of beutiful pictures.
We had lunch at the Hard Rock cafe across the street from Niagara Falls. It is the biggest and nicest Hard Rock I've ever been. 
I got a pretty black t-shirt from Hard Rock Cafe. 
I had the classic burger and a root beer for lunch. 
We came back to Rochester the same day and went to starbucks to get hot chocolate. It was freezing. 
It was a nice family trip.