Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rochester 3 National Museum of Play

Good morning. Right now its 11:00 am in Rochester and I woke up and had a bowl of cherrios just a half hour ago. I sleep so much in here since nights are very long and when it is 3:30 pm it starts geting dark but at least I go to bed late, for example I went to bed at 2 pm today. I enjoy relaxing watching creative and inspiring pictures on instagram or reading blogs before going to bed. Righ now I have to do some ordinary time consuming house work activities like taking out the trash, make the bed, etc. But I got the inspiration rignt now to write this post and I don't want to let it go.

A couple of days ago I went with my family to the national museum of play here in Rochester. It was really fun. It was snowing so much that day, even you could see the big snowflakes. In the museum we went to a natural room full of different kind of butterflies from different places in the world. The museum was full of toys, children books, comics, manga, super heroes and all kind of games from different years. I also saw some vintage toys I use to have when I was a child. Omg Am I that old? Hehe. But I have a young soul and that's what it matters the most.

The shop at the entrance...

They also have some big fish tanks and they have this interesting fish called unicorn fish. I dind't know this fish existed hehe. Did you? Anyway Isn't cool?

About to enter to the butterflies room

It's a garden with butterflies flying everywhere

These little cute chicken are like the butterflies minions hehe

Barbies from the world

And there was lots of super antique toys and doll houses too. I only took a few pictures. The doll houses are cute but the super antique toys are kind of scary. Don't you think?

And this is a big chair with the purpuse to experiment the feeling of how a toddler sees the world hehe

And this is the restaurant in the museum. We rested a little bit here. My dad and I had a cup of coffee. 
Two days ago we went to niagara falls. I'll blog about it later. Thanks for reading my little adventures. 

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