Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rochester New York 2

I need to hurry if I want to catch up with Rochester posts. A couple of days ago it stoped snowing and it started raining. During the rain the snow melted and I discovered we had a beautiful green grass in the front and backyard. Then it started to snow again. I played with my brother and his roomate some wii video games and this fun boardgame called settlers. Have you played before? Too much nerd activities I know.

This same day erlier I went to the mall with my family and shop a little. I got 2 yankee candles. I had seen so many yankee candles pictures on instagram lately so I thought they must be good, and they ere, they have so many, and they smell good and the scent is very strong. They are expensive though.

And I have been journaling in my moleskine using hobonichi style. 

A random photo from breakfast. Beautiful Strawberries. 

And one thing I love when I'm in a different country is going grocery shopping. It is so fun to find different and special products. Some of my favorite things that I got are: celestial tea, ghirardelli chocolate, and I found pocky in the asian section at walmart. And this dial hello kitty hand sanitizer is so cute, pink and it has a cute sweet smell, not like alcohol like the average hand sanitizers. 

And of course I can't visit even a grocery shop without visiting the stationery section. Good thing they didn't have so many things that appealed to me so I didn't buy so much. 

One night I went with my brother and some friends to get dinner at this japanese restaurant where you can order all you want from the menu from 20 dlls. Everything was delicious and we ate so much. I love japanese food. 

We also visited rochester university and one afternoon I went to work out with my brother and took some pictures of the city, parks and houses. 

This is the library at University of Rochester. 

Went out to work out and took cute pictures.

Look at this beautiful picture, only bambi is missing hehe, in fact my brother told me he saw a deer once in this same place

I found a swing chair. I love swing chairs.

And here is my christmas gift. 

Kipling seoul back pack and 100 pens case in vibrant pink. I love them. 

You can get this beautiful kipping backpack here.
And the 100 pens case here.

And more filofaxing and journaling. 

And speaking about planners and journals, guess what? I just ordered an hobonichi japanese planner and a cover. I can't wait to get it. This is what I bought. 

I really like the 2014 hobonichi promo. The video is really inspiring.

I have more pictures and things to share. Today we went to "National Museum of Play" and it was very fun.


  1. Happy Holidays! Looks like you had a really busy time XD I've played that Settlers game before, but it's not my favourite (love board games in general, though!) ^^;;

    I also got a new planner for Christmas, so I guess I'll be posting some of my own hobonichi style pages soon!

    1. Hi. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays to you too. I didn't like settlers before either but now I do.

      How fun you got a new planner. I'm sure it is so cool and you gonna create beautiful pages ˆˆ I love your writing, diaries and collages.


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