Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rochester New York 1

Hello guys. How are you doing this holiday season? I hope everything is great and you are having fun sharing special moments with your loved ones. If you follow my instagram probably know that right now I'm in Rochester New York expending this lovely season with my family. Today it is a week since we arrived and so far I have enjoyed so much this trip.

Here are some pictures I took in the airport of México City. Even I just was at the airport for a couple of hours it felt really nice to visit this city and the airport is really nice.

This is the breakfast I had at the airport. I enjoyed it but since I was really excited I couldn't savor it. Do you know that feeling? Hehe. 

It was a long and tired 12 hrs trip but fun. It was so freezing and snowy when we arrived. The next day we stayed home just resting and chilling to recover from the trip. Here are some pictures of the next couple of days from the time we arrived. People here told us we brought the snow hehe. 

Here we are going to fridays to celebrate my dad's birthday. Can you spot the cute houses? They seem like doll houses and I'd like to go out some of these days just to take houses pictures and show them to you. 

And last but not least I brought with me some stationery supplies and here are some pictures of what I've been doing. I'll show you just a little bit here since I don't want to spam you. If you want to get spam please follow me on instagram.

Look at these pretty mori girl stickers I pasted in my moleskine. 

I have more pictures about places, food, shopping, creativity etc for the next post. Thank you for reading. 


  1. You're blogging again, yay! I missed your photos :) And wow, seems like it's snowing everywhere except london, haha! Those snow scenes are gorgeous, and I'm glad you're having a great time ^^ Have a wonderful holiday season! ^____^

    1. Hello Rhiannon. Thanks for reading. When I think in London I always think in a really beautiful, cold, snowy and foggy place. I hope you are having a great time with your loved ones too. I want to take some time to read natsukashii caffe and your blog since they are my two favorites.

    2. Aww, thank you... *big hugs* ^__^


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