Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Diary Hobonichi Japanese Style

Long time no blogging. Here I am again to share with you some hobonichi diary style. If you have read my past posts you should know how much I love this diary style. It's very fun and creative. Isn't it? I wanted to buy a real hobonichi japanese planner, but recently I discovered these planners so many people are hyper with, called filofax. I ended getting a filofax, because it was easier for me to order, since hobonichi webpage was all in japanese  photo o0020002011602344388.gif it wasn't impossible though, since there are some webpages explaining how to order an hobonichi, but since I was going to go to Arizona, it was easier for me to get a filofax, and I wanted either one planner or another one, NOW. hehe. No Anxious girl here.

I even made like a survey on IG hehe. About what planner to get, and Filofax won.

The answer that I liked better was from this chinese girl sinoomega who BTW makes
adorable filofax pages. 

Hi, Janeth. Both organzisers are amazing! I would recommend Filofax because you could DIY the pages yourself. What'a more, you could write at anytime you like with filofax and don't have to write your diary everyday since hobo is designed as one day per page (unless you want to leave it blank). The filofax could also be used as your GTD(getting things done) tools. However, if you are interested in buying a hobo, you could visit "lindsaynelson.com/techo". It has some explanations on how to buy a hobo in English. Hope it helps!
Read more at http://web.stagram.com/p/518280432314488912_15487309#Kw7gwLg6Oj2SHCR8.99 

Here are some hobonichi style pages I made. You can also do this diary style using a moleskine
or a regular notebook. 

I will come back later with a shopping post and some filofax pages. 
See you then. Bye bye.


  1. I love this tipe of Diary. I don´t use it only when I go to class. It´s Cute!!

  2. Adorable!! Thanks for sharing!
    Looks like you have some really nice washi tapes! ;w;

  3. I love it! Me encantó! Son demasiado hermosos esos tipos de diarios! ñ.ñ Me parecen encantadores ñ.ñ



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