Friday, July 5, 2013

Japanese Natural Fashion Inspiration Morning

I've been waking up earlier lately, because I want to create space for fun an relaxing activities, the kind of activities that is not easy to find time for throughout the day. Milford Sound in New Zealand

Time for creating, working out and getting inspired. Milford Sound in New Zealand

I'm getting rid of some extra stuff that don't add special value to my life, and I'm doing this for the same reason I'm waking up earlier, for creating space for the most important things, in my case: people I love, well being and creativity.   photo o0020002011581745009.gif

Today I want to share with you some awesome photos I found. Is this kind of japanese magazine photography I love. And besides the photo style, I love this fashion style as well, very simple, natural, and sophisticated at the same time. It is Lovely! It is Magic!!!


  1. Heh, I scanned the same pages awhile ago (I have that magazine, too) XD I have last year's summer issue that I've been thinking of sharing (but I don't have a scanner anymore, so it will have to be photographs...).

    1. really? :D in fact I think I got them from your photobucket, are you fairy... something? hehe If so, would you tell me what magazine is it and the year and moth? I wold love to get it. As you could read, I loved the pictures and the fashion style.


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