Wednesday, February 6, 2013

one lovely blog award!

Well, this is a backward post, I haven't realized, until some days ago, that Rhiannon, from one of my favorites blogs sencha days had gave me this award. Thanks for another award, I really appreciate it.

The Rules

Post the graphic on your blogpost or sidebar!
Link the person who has awarded you!
Post 7 random things about you!
Nominate other 15 relatively new blogs!

Seven random things about me

1. I became fan of japanese cute stuff 2 years ago. 
2. My first language is spanish, english is my second language, I'd like to learn japanese and french (now that I remember I already had told this in another questionnaire like this) Sorry about it, I think it's important hehe
3. I'm a freelance, I have a little home business, that doesn't mean I don't work, like many people think
4. I can't live without doing exercise now and then. 
5. I've been practicing yoga since 2005
6. I don't like crowded places.
7. My favorite book and movie is Harry Potter Saga. 

Nominated blogs

Sorry but I don't know that many blogs yet. I nominate the following cute blogs. Have fun!

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  1. cute blog you have <3

    i'm now following you! ~


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