Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kawaii Korean Stationary Shopping

I went a little bit crazy this sunday shopping cute korean stationary at ebay. I wanted to buy just some masking deco tape, but then I started browsing to korean stationary shops, and oh my, their products are so cute I can't even...

It's been a while since I did a crazy big shopping like this, specially since I started to correct my bad shopping habits, like a year ago. Read this for more about that. I expended big part of sunday browsing and comparing prices of some of the items that I wanted. And here is the result of the cute things I ended buying. 

One set of vintage koran stickers. One set of paper doll mate stickers, both from this seller

One Hello Little CoCo Diary. I'd been wanting one for a while. 
I picked the ivory one. And one miffy pencil case. Both form this seller

And the only thing I originally was going to buy. 
A masking sticker set from this seller

And the last two things I bought this sunday. My little friend deco diary stickers. 
And cookys helloday deco diary stickers. Both form this seller 

What do you think? In general I'm very happy with my purchase, and I can't wait to receive all of this goodies to star creating wonderful things. I want to decorate my diary and planner in that cute creative korean way. And talking about creativity, I created one junk journal page today. I'd like to create one page at least twice a week or so. I'm going to show you some of the pages latter. My three priorities for this week, are: first of all, even above work, is to eat clean and do exercise, yoga and meditation. Work and stay focus. And create beautiful scrap book, junk journal, pages. What are your priorities for this week? 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

one lovely blog award!

Well, this is a backward post, I haven't realized, until some days ago, that Rhiannon, from one of my favorites blogs sencha days had gave me this award. Thanks for another award, I really appreciate it.

The Rules

Post the graphic on your blogpost or sidebar!
Link the person who has awarded you!
Post 7 random things about you!
Nominate other 15 relatively new blogs!

Seven random things about me

1. I became fan of japanese cute stuff 2 years ago. 
2. My first language is spanish, english is my second language, I'd like to learn japanese and french (now that I remember I already had told this in another questionnaire like this) Sorry about it, I think it's important hehe
3. I'm a freelance, I have a little home business, that doesn't mean I don't work, like many people think
4. I can't live without doing exercise now and then. 
5. I've been practicing yoga since 2005
6. I don't like crowded places.
7. My favorite book and movie is Harry Potter Saga. 

Nominated blogs

Sorry but I don't know that many blogs yet. I nominate the following cute blogs. Have fun!