Thursday, November 22, 2012

Travel and shopping

Ok. It's supposed I should be working right now, but I really wanted to make this post now, since I've been postponing it so much. Plus it's been a long time since my last post, and I haven't read my favorite blogs either, need to catch up with them soon. I miss to read them.

Last week I went on a travel shopping vacations with my family. I live on north Mexico and people here, like to go shopping to Arizona State. Atention: Not that we don't have cool stuff here, I don't like when people underestimate México, ok? It is a beautiful Country, and it's not at all like they put in on movies. México it's not just desert, donkeys, cacti, burritos and tequila. So, please never dare to ask if there are movie theaters in México if you don't want to make yourself to appear a completely ignorant.

Omg, I got excited hehe, sorry for my patriotic speach. Where was I? Oh yea, shopping and travel.

I'll let the pictures speak by themselves. I hope you enjoy.

Pics of cute girly stuff I got

I am absolutely in love with this shabby chic quilt. Every time I see it in my bed my heart 
gets bum bum. Exaggerated too much?? That's how I am. And some tea and eos lip balm. 

Some pretty christmas packaging supplies. 

So pretty. 

Kawaii pencils and asian candy. 

Face soaps, sunscreen, a wrinkle cream my friend recommend me, etc.

Eos lip balm.

And a little more maybelline make up.

Olive Garden bread

I have no words to describe how delicious this bread was.

My dinner. Olive Graden ravioli. No words either.

Btw. Not diet at all the next days. Who can think on diets on vacations right?

Starbucks earl grey. I love vscocam app. 

Saying good bye to the pretty hotel room. 

And here I am saying good bye to eating so much.

Left: Mc donald's ice cream. 

Right: Elba restaurant, in a little mexican town, going back home. 
Best carne asada ever. 

On the road, going back home.

Home Sweet Home. Time to unpack.

I bought some clothes too, but I didn't take pictures. 


  1. Qué padre!! :)
    Me gustaron tus compras. Qué rico el té!! :D

  2. Aww, everything is super cute! And I used to have a backpack exactly like that XD

    1. Really? I love this backpack. And thank you for the comment. I had so much fun on this trip.


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