Friday, September 28, 2012

Cutie Pie Blog Award!

Hello. Good morning! Time to star to work and being productive.

I just got this new award.

Award rules:

1) Mention the award inventor

La creatività di Anna

2) Mention the award giver

Thank you very much to Rhiannon! ♥

3) Say three things about your blog

♥ Posts about everything cute and creative
♥ Id like to have more readers that enjoy my blog 
♥ Trying to keep it with a sweet natural vibe

4) Give the award to 10 other cute blogs

Ahh this is a shame, hehe. I don't have that many friends online. I need to make more cute friends. 
Yes. I want cute friends only. Do you want to be my friend? hehe

Ok. I'm giving this award to these cute blogs...


  1. Thank you for awarding me this! And sure, I'd love a new pen pal! Email me at:


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