Monday, August 27, 2012

Japanese Natural Fashion Style Liniere~リンネル Magazine Scans...

Cute cute cute

Reading a post  from my friend na-chan from natsukashii café I found this magazine I felt in love with.  I made a research throught the internet and found some great scans and I saved and edited some of my favorites on my computer. This is going to help me to find inspiration to put together future outfits, and I hope it inpires you too. It is a lovely simple fashion style. Na-chan says:  "Liniere seems to target girls age 20s-40s-ish who are into natural and lovely and serene living, and is a very large magazine (about 200 pages)" Sounds great to me...Then she says: "Most of the fashion coordinates are what we might call in the states, "frumpy." And yeah, one could think so, with some of the outfits at first sight.

But then in the comment section, a comment form my friend Rhiannon from my sencha days  days caught my attention: I never really thought of it as frumpy, but rather elegant and stylish and suitable for women of all ages. Western and Japanese fashion sees things in such different ways... ^^

I agree with that. Everything is about perspective and one should wear and do whats feels right for you.

What this style says to me is this: Im comfortable with myself, Im natural, free spirit, I love and enjoy simplicity and I feel so good being true to myself.

Life is stressful enough to make it more complicated by wearing thigh uncomfortable garments.

This is a great fashion style for everyday life... Leave the "more fashionable" things for special events like parties... Enjoy the lots of scans I put together... Have fun...

Click on the image for bigger pictures...

April 2011...

June 2011...

July 2011...

What do you think? Do you like it? Please share your thougths with me ^_^ Later...


  1. This looks like a really good magazine, thank you for the scans! I'll buy it sometime for sure :)

    I guess the only thing for me about this style is the really limited colour choices...I guess that means it's easy to mix and match pieces, but now and then I really miss wearing something that's not blue or beige XP

    Also, I don't know if you saw this, but I gave you the Liebster Award on my blog! :)

  2. I don't think it's frumpy either! I think this style is so nice. I'd wear it more if the weather where I live permitted me to layer a bit more, although there are some summery outfits too, so that's good. I'd love to get my hands on a copy of this magazine, thank you for sharing these scans!

  3. You found so many nice scans ... so many cute outfits! It's kinda funny, your post made me want to upload scans of my newer issue-- and it's May-- the only one that's missing 0__0 hehe. Thank you for sharing^___^

  4. You're welcome. Nice to read that you got a new issue. Thanks for the web link you gave me, I want to get some japanese magazines there, they have a huge selection and are more affordable than the ones on ebay. I just hope they ship to México.


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