Friday, June 6, 2014

Reiki 1 Diploma

This is something I wanted to do for a while. Is that kind of things that is on your life to do list.

Reiki is healing with the Good Energy of the universe, through the imposition of your hands and intention. I'm not going to explain what Reiki is all about here, there is a bunch of info on the internet in case you are interested. 

I really have this desire of contributing in the healing process of this world. I don't know how exactly but I have a couple of ideas in my mind.

I have been through so much anxiety in my life, sometimes anxiety created for situations, and I always have believed my genetic predisposition plays a good roll too. What I'm learning (well not learning, because learning in theory is easy), I'm trying to really BE responsable for my own energy, which is an important aspect of the healing process...

Monday, April 7, 2014

What's the filofax love all about?

This post is to show you, why I think so many people including me, love Filofax planners.

You can visit Filofax web page to quick see at the pictures and get some insight of what I'm going to talk about here. 

A Flilofax is a Planner that so many people use to organize their life and get creative at the same time. Which I think is a great combination of activities. Organization and Creativity! What a good combo

From my instagram 

Now, you are may thinking, as I did at the beginning...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What is ZAKKA style?

Mis lectores en español pueden leer éste mismo artículo en Al Estilo de Asia

Hello. For those who doesn't know yet what ZAKKA style is, today I'll dedicate this post to explain in detail what is it, because I love this style and so far I haven't found (at least not in english or spanish) a detailed post on the Internet that explain this style as detailed as I'm gonna do it here.

First of all I'll tell you what this style is to me, based on what I have observed. It is a style of Japanese origin that covers: home decoration, cafes, shops, fashion and crafts. It is a unique, creative and natural style, and for me even with a touch of magic.

Regarding decor details that make this style are:

♥︎ Light colors on the walls, preferably white to give more light and create more space. 
♥︎ Accents and unique handmade touches, but not anything handmade, it should be very simple and natural stuff, later I will show you what I mean.
♥︎ Forest things decoration, like rabbits, mushrooms, pine nuts, deers, etc, in fact this style is very related to Mori Girl Style.
♥︎ Polka dots or plaid designs. 
♥︎ The predominant material in this type of decor is wood either light or dark. 
♥︎ The color palette is very natural, earth tones, brown, white, beige, gray, light green, etc.. 
♥︎ Other items that go well with this style are: recycled glass jars, which can be used to store buttons or another craft stuff, strawberries, owls, decorative tapes (washi tape), matryoshka dolls, vintage things, such as cameras , plants, baskets, kewpie dolls, eiffel tower, doily, etc.

This style is very popular in Japan of course, but it is popular too in other places in Asia.

Here are some examples of this cute style: